Friday, August 3, 2012

A Proposal for Eaglebrook's Science and Art Center

We've been keeping busy working on our proposal for Eaglebrook School's new academic center. The proposed building will be home to science and art at Eaglebrook and will contain classrooms, drawing and painting studios, the music department, science laboratories, a wood shop, a stained glass studio, faculty offices and much more. We've spent the past week developing the design and creating a series of printed presentation boards and a physical model for display.

As an interdisciplinary building the new proposal focuses on collaboration between students and faculty in various disciplines. Expanded hallways serve as informal classroom spaces stressing the importance of learning occurring outside of the traditional classroom.

A large atrium serves both as a place to watch music recitals and as an informal art gallery to display student's work.

A series of exterior spaces have been designed as well to function as outdoor learning spaces including a small biopond adjacent to one of the science laboratories.

Sited at the edge of the pond in the center of Eaglebrook's campus the project has a strong sense of place. It draws inspiration from the Berkshire region within which it is sited and brings nature into the building.

In a society which is greatly focused on technology, our design is able to bring these middle school students closer with the natural world and to give them a better understanding of building systems and sustainable practices.

Some of these sustainable systems include:
  • Solar Array
  • Sun Screen Shades 
  • Built-in Rooftop Rain Collection
  • Greenhouse Trombe Wall
  • Large Southern Exposure
  • Radiant Heating and Chilled Beams
  • Ground-Source Heat Pump

In conjunction with the creation of the new academic center we are increasing the efficiency of existing buildings by updating the adjacent Learning Center. This renovation will include an addition to the northern side of the building and a large glass bridge which will help to connect the Learning Center to the new science and art building. The completion of these two projects will create a crucial hub on campus for student and faculty alike and maintain the high educational standards that Eaglebrook School is known for.

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