Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manhattan Apartment Renovation

Located on the Western side of Manhattan, this 1500 sf apartment will be undergoing a major facelift with help from the Windigo team. The owner of this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment is planning to do a series of renovations to update the residence and make it a clean, modern space for his daughter.

Existing Apartment Layout
The apartment is located in a traditional brick building and still has many of its original features including wood floors, wainscoting, and large double-hung windows. The existing layout, although spacious, is not very efficient. A majority of the space is occupied by bedrooms, leaving minimal square footage and views for the living, dining, and kitchen spaces.

Our scheme is able to optimize views from the apartment by mirroring the existing layout and creating an open living, dining, and kitchen space for the future resident. An existing small maid’s quarters becomes integrated into a more functional bedroom space with Jack and Jill bath. Closets are now evenly divided amongst the three new bedrooms, and updated bathrooms will tie into existing plumbing chase walls.

Proposed Apartment Layout
Despite the challenges of varying window types and sizes, our proposal helps to unify the space and give it a cohesive, flowing feel. With updated fixtures, furnishings, and finishes this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath apartment will be a chic, modern space for a new generation of tenants.  

Existing Apartment
Take a look at the "Before" complete with pink walls and paneling. We think our "After" will provide a much needed style update and completely transform the apartment. What do you think?

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